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Learning Pods

Since the school, we have launched a learning pod. We bring a combined 8-10 children and youth who need extra help to make sure they do not get behind school work. The learning pod also serves time for the youth and kids to interact with their peers. The learning pod consists of:

  • 20 Minutes engaging Bible devotion
  • Transporation to and from the center
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Minimum of two staff during homework help hours
  • Rewards for improvements on grade and behavior

Family Bible Studies & Easter in the Fall

A little different from pre-pandemic Bible studies where we would pick up youth and take to a location to hold Bible studies, We will have family Bible studies. We will also have easter egg hunts at homes and apartment complexes. Both of these programs will consist of:

  • 20-25 minutes
  • Reading and discussing scripture
  • Taking a box of little caesars pizza
  • Building a relationship with youth and families
  • A game or activity

Serving Meals

“We know firsthand how crucial it is for our youth and children to have access to meals; especially being that many of them are food insecure. During this time of sheltering in place, many families were worried about how they would provide for their families. In response, Points of Light bought groceries for families and delivered them to their homes. We have since partnered with Oakland Unified School district to help more families.”

Points of Light & Mighty Blaze has delivered


Meals to children, youth, and families this passed week.

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