& Saturday Morning Mighty blaze

Every Week 50-100 youth (ages 12-20) attend the Friday night program, and another 50-100 children (ages 3-11) attend the Saturday morning program. Youth and children escape for a couple hours a week to a safe environment surrounded by supportive leaders and volunteers. Our ministry owns buses that transport the youth and children (and sometimes their families) from their neighborhood to one of our designated locations throughout the city. Every event we host includes free food, a gospel message and lots of fun!


Points of Light and Mighty Blaze are unique in that we try to visit the homes of each child or youth that is part of our program. That could make up to 200 visitations a week. These home visitations allow our directors to build a powerful connection with youth, children, and families provide wisdom, counsel, and prayer.


& campus clubs

SLICE stands for Saving Lives in Campuses Everywhere.  SLICE is a 30-minute lunchtime program that the POL directors host weekly in junior high and high schools in Oakland. We offer young people a “Slice of Pizza” and a “Slice of Life.” Youth directors discuss relevant issues such as depression, gang violence, academic excellence, family matters, etc.; which empower the youth of Oakland to renewed hope and healing in their lives. Since we are not able to talk about Jesus during SLICE we invite the youth to our Friday night program and they learn that the hope we spoke of is found in Jesus.


 M i n i s t r y 

There is a deep hole in the church today when it comes to older teenagers and college age adults 17-25.  This group is disconnecting from God and the faith community as a whole. Our Young Adults ministry bridges the gap between faith and complacency in young people who need direction and guidance in life as they step out on their own and decide what to do with their lives. We desire for each young adult to have a strong walk with Jesus, apply and go to college or receive training to obtain meaningful employment and enter into a fulfilling job, all the while receiving guidance on how to live a healthy balanced life and the steps to grow closer to God.


& O u t r e a c h

We strive to bring the gospel message wherever children and youth are throughout the week.  With flyers to invite families to our weekly programs, or the large events we host throughout the year, we also make our first priority the love of Jesus to anyone we meet. Three times a year we host large outreaches for the community that revolve around major holidays.  These include: Harvest-Fest (Halloween), our Christmas Celebration, and Easter outreach. Through these outreaches we see thousands of people attend and have the opportunity to respond to an invitation to receive Jesus. violence, academic excellence, family matters, etc.; which empower the youth of Oakland to renewed hope and healing in their lives. 


& B I B L E S T U D I E S

Our Bible studies and discipleship groups are where youth and children are taught practical ways to apply Friday and Saturday’s messages to their everyday lives. This enables them to take ownership of their faith. Classes are offered for new believers and for those who are more mature in their faith. New believers participate in a powerful water baptism service where they can testify before their peers of the change God has brought to their lives.


A few times a year leadership training is offered to equip selected youth and older children in leadership skills based upon biblical principles. They are encouraged to embrace all God has called them to be and given practical ways to grow. We also lead camps or other outings throughout the year to spend concentrated time with a core group. These events also include Man Camp for our young men and our DOVE Conference for our young ladies.  For many of the youth and children, this experience or camp represents their first trip outside of Oakland.

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