A letter from the Executive Director to Points of Light and Mighty Blaze Children

Every week I tell you that you can do everything God has called you too and that you will live to see every promise from God. I still believe those promises for your life. However, my heart breaks because we live in a time where you are afraid of losing your life to racism. I can see the anger in your eyes and hear it in your voice.

I promise to listen like never before. I promise to embrace acknowledge your anger and fear. I promise to hug you and pray for you like never before. I promise to pray that God will send an army of angels to protect you every step you take!

Points of Light reaches hundreds of at-risk youth and children in Oakland through a weekly variety of faith-based programs designed to instill leadership, self-confidence and Christian based values. Points of Light (POL) provides hope through understanding the love of Jesus. We are here to combat the issues that have devastated the inner city youth and children of Oakland. During this high racial tension we live in, Points of Light will once again be a bridge if racial reconcilation and a bridge between good police and inner city.

Please help us to continue building a strong bridge of reconciliation of forgiveness, hope and love. A one time or a monthly gift will go towards serving youth and children we serve in Oakland.


As we approach a month of being sheltered in place, Points of Light has continued to impact the community. Many families depend on school meals to feed their children. While being cautious and safe, we have delivered 15,000 meals to families all over Oakland.


During sheltering in place, Points of Light has not stopped reaching out to the youth of Oakland. While we are unable to hold visits, bible studies, or our Friday night services, we have been able to meet with youth through zoom and social media. This constant communication with the youth is uplifting their spirits and sharing the hope we have in Jesus.



Makaylah is a young lady who decided to commit to a relationship with Jesus at the young age of eight, and she has not looked back since then.


Makaylah was eight years old, sitting in the front row of our annual Christmas Outreach. A week later she joined Mighty Blaze and brought her 3-year-old sister with her.


Makaylah went to our very first Mighty Blaze and Points of Light leadership retreat, and has led in the highest capacities ever since.


She wholeheartedly and sincerely accepted Jesus to be apart of all areas of her life, becoming a catalyst for her family’s salvation.


Makaylah wanted to publicly display her desire to follow Jesus by getting baptized!


She started a bible study at Castlemont High School which built a bridge between this public school and POL, to bring hope to more youth.


Makaylah will be graduating with a High School Diploma and is looking to attend a local college.


Enrique is 9 years old and has been attending our program for 6 years. Early last year, Enrique was having trouble with his behavior and would get into fights at least once a week. After receiving one on one mentoring with one of our staff members, along with the support of school administration and his parents, we have seen the fighting stop. Enrique is now one of our leaders and loves to serve, especially in feeding the homeless community.



Marshay Williams started to attend Points of Light at age 12. Not having a present father in her life, created a void in Marshay’s life, which she then tried to fill with different relationships. She also dealt with a lot of anger which also caused many physical altercations. All of this though, changed the day Marshay gave her life to Jesus. Soon she was inviting her siblings and many friends to POL. Marshay now helps POL staff by being a peacemaker among youth with a similar past as hers.

Marshay has a bright future ahead of her as she recently got accepted into the District Attorney Justice Academy (DAJA). We are also excited to share that she will be graduating from High School this May.

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