Since 2007 we have been reaching at-risk youth in Oakland by implementing creative and effective faith-based programs. We are instilling christian values in youth and children which become their foundation to impact them to take courage and power to be a point of light in their communities, providing hope and relief to other youth within Oakland. 


Almost 95% of Oakland churches do not have a children/youth worker or programs that would effectively reduce the violent trends being committed among youth. Inner city churches are overwhelmed by their communities’ needs and hurts, and in most cases do not have the resources to offer youth and children an effective life changing program.

points of light
Christmas outreach 2021

Our 2021 Christmas in Oakland was a time were over 2,000 people came to celebrate the birth of Jesus and feel His love through.

Serving during
a pandemic

During COVID,  We did not stop serving youth and children of Oakland.  We did and will continue to one of these three programs. 

Our entire staff volunteered at Garfield elementary for more than 160 hours from March till the end of July to help distribute more than 150,000 meals.

We partnered with the OK program police officers of Oakland as they escorted us to celebrate 20 of our seniors graduating high school

We have launched a learning pod. We bring children and youth who need extra education help to make sure they do not get behind school work. They enjoy a safe environment with snacks and a light dinner. The learning pod also serves time for the youth and kids to interact with their peers.

Points of Light
2020 Grad Bash on wheels

“Points of Light reaches hundreds of at-risk youth and children in Oakland through a weekly variety of faith-based programs designed to instill leadership, self-confidence and Christian based values. Points of Light (POL) provides hope through understanding the love of Jesus.We are here to combat the issues that have devastated the inner city youth and children of Oakland. During this high racial tension we live in know, Points of Light will once again be a bridge of racial reconciliation and a bridge between good police and inner city”

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