In this Missionary Experience, you will be equipped to communicate the Word of God effectively as we take the Gospel to the streets. You and our dedicated full-time missionaries will work to build the next generation into men and women of God. Through a combination of ministry training and personal hands-on experience, this program is specifically designed to develop and advance your leadership and ministry skills and impart Godly wisdom for modern-day missionary assignments.


Housing is available for $500 a month. Males and Females are housed separately. Housing comes fully furnished with twin-size beds, TV, couch, and Free Laundry on site.


  • Monthly evaluations sheets
  • Teachable
  • Willingness to grow
  • Respectful
  • Team player
  • Ability to bring a creative dynamic to the table.


NO COST…. Points of Light is one of the few missionary organizations worldwide that does not cost to Join the mission. The executive director and board have taken it upon themselves to raise the funds to allow missionaries to reach the kids and youth of Oakland for Jesus immediately.


  • Be a part of a Community of people who are like-minded and share the passion for leading kids and youth to Jesus Mentorship from staff with over 20 years in combined ministry in the inner-city
  • Able to choose between children or youth ministry after the first month
  • Participate in speaking in front of hundreds of youth a week at public schools
  • Plan and participate in community outreach events with thousands in attendance
  • Lead weekly-inner city bible studies
  • Training to raise financial support
  • Training to build relevant biblical curriculum for inner-city kids and youth
  • Training to strategically build relationships and programs that will make Disciples of Jesus Christ from inner-city kids and youth