potential mentor application

Points of Light mentorship program brings community members and collegiate students together with local inner city children ranging from 4th to 7th grade to create supportive, Christ-centered relationships outside the home. 
Our goal is to create multi-year relationships that will foster trust, guidance, hope and love. 
Mentors will complete an application that includes an online application, reference checks, a background check, and an interview with our Mentor Coordinator. In addition, mentors will attend two mandatory training sessions, each approximately 3 hours in length. 

Mentors will meet with their mentees twice a month on designated Saturday mornings for approximately 90 minutes per session for the months of September through  April.   Mentors will document their hours and a brief reflection at the end of each session.  Mentors will participate in a peer support and sharing session once a month.


Mentor Recruitment
Points of Light recruits mentors who have a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with children, and enjoy spending one one-on-one time with them.

Mentors must be 18 years old or older.